CONSEQUENCE of my lack of self-awareness is the risk of living stupidly?

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain. 

Where I live it is said that a lack of awareness is very risky.  Being unaware of the consequences of an action can put us in danger and being unaware of ourselves likewise has its consequences.

Now, you may think that you know yourself very well, because you remember how you have reacted to many situations.  You also know what you like and dislike.  You know what your body is like and some of your characteristics.  But really you do not know much about yourself.

You would not put yourself at the controls of a plane if you were not an experienced pilot.  If you know how to drive a vehicle, you know all too well the time and the many hours of practice it took.  And a vehicle is something that is infinitely simpler than a human being.

Why do I venture to believe that I know myself, if I never pay the necessary attention to the most important issues?  When I pay a bit of attention to myself, I actually tend to pay attention to external issues related to my clothing, my appearance, my muscles, my wrinkles or grey hairs, my work, my house, my career or professions.  And little else.

On the question of why we felt anger, scorn, joy, enthusiasm, sadness or powerlessness, we really do not know anything, except how to hold others accountable for what we feel, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

We do not know ourselves and we deliberately do not pay attention to ourselves.  We want to ignore anything we consider is not acceptable, well viewed or well regarded.  I do not want to acknowledge many things about myself, because I suspect that I would not know how to deal with them successfully.

And this happens to me because I have never given myself the opportunity to learn what I am, calmly and without judgement.

But if we are unaware, we end up doing, saying and thinking many stupidities that harm us or harm others.

The culmination of all of our errors of lack of awareness is a feeling of dislike for ourselves, of a life of emptiness, without anything about which we feel satisfied.

Do you not think that it is worth ceasing to ignore yourself and paying attention to yourself?