Do beliefs prevent me from learning?

Questions for self-observation and learning about myself.

Comment by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile

It is a principle abundantly present in nature to use the roads to proceed to whatever demands less effort or energy.


If we want to know about something we do not always use personal research about what we want to know, but, preferably, we ask who we think can know.


What’s more, we do not even bother to confirm that the consulted person really knows what we want to learn. They simply told us that they knew, we believed and proceeded to ask and trust that we have been told the truth. All in a short time, little effort and probably not effective result.


There may be issues in life about which learning in that way can become very dangerous and harmful. If you want to know who is the best soccer player in the world, ask whoever you want. But do not do that with everything because, in what is important, the truth must be recognized by yourself or nothing has been learnt at all.


Consequently, if you trust your beliefs, you cannot learn. Most of the knowledge we require for life can be verified by observing reality either personally or through those who investigate about it. That is the only known way to have access to the truth.


It is natural that if you want to know, you want to learn about something, you cannot give credit to those who BELIEVE they know about that something. You must necessarily turn to those who know the truth about what you want to know. If there is no one because it is something that we all ignore, then only you can decide how to handle your life with that ignorance if it had any effect on your life.


In any case, if you carefully observe your own life and your relationships, you can easily answer your concerns about life and the way it should be lived for your own good and that of all those around you. Attentive and coherent observation will teach you much more than your beliefs, especially when they can take sense out of life in harmony, coherence and calmness.