Do I face what I fear?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

When you have decided to live your life in a particular point on this planet you have also taken a decision that entails accepting the dangers that exist there for your survival. In the same way, when you have decided to go ahead with your life, a decision that you take every minute of every day, you have decided to accept the fears that go with our existence.

However, this requires a very important and detailed consideration.

The fright we feel when we are faced with danger is something natural that obeys our instinct for survival. Fear on the other hand is the result of our memories, images and thoughts about something that we would not want to face. We are not dealing with it, we only imagine what it might be.

Often, we let our imagination and our creativity develop unreal situations in our future and allow them to destroy our present. The practice of attention to the present clearly demonstrates the pointlessness of allowing ourselves to be carried away by our thoughts. Letting ourselves think about those things we fear about our futures distances us from our lives and often brings serious consequences for our physical health. If you deliberately pay attention to the present moment you will achieve a coherence that prepares you for a harmonious and peaceful life, a real life. What does not happen in the present moment, does not happen. Living in the present is living without fear. And if what I fear does take place, I react calmly in order to avoid harm, to whatever extent that is feasible.