Do I feel my identity as a boundary that separates me from others?

Concepción, Chile

Human beings are an expression of a very different universe from other beings in so far as their ability to think causes them conflicts that they do not always know how to handle.  It could be said that their natural instinctive anxiety for their own preservation has been transformed into fear.  

A platitude?  No, anxiety is what we feel when faced with a real and present danger.  Fear is what we feel when thinking about a danger that is imagined and is not present.

An introduction is necessary to the above since fears, including the strongest of all, which is the fear of death, are the source of our conflicts.  The identity that we construct is a wall we build to separate ourselves from all that frightens us and to feel safe by being part of a club, group, society, church, nationality or whatever.

It is very likely, as a result of our distracted lives, that you do not believe what I have just said.  It is so important and accepted in the culture we are part of, to belong or see ourselves as belonging to prestigious groups of people in a particular field, that it is hard for us to identify our fear in that.  It is necessary to develop a profound inner honesty in order to accept the true nature of our behaviour, which is caused by the fear of not being acknowledged as we would like.  

After a profound period of self-knowledge as a result of self-observation we can come to understand what we are and to deal with our identity harmoniously and coherently.