Do I feel peace when I feel “objectively” about myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Objectivity is a satisfactory balance between:

-what I feel I must do, feel or think at the present moment and what I am doing, feeling or thinking,

-what I am and what my aim is to be in the future,

-what has happened in life and what I accept has happened to me in the past.

In other words, objectivity is not obvious when:

-I live without paying attention to my life and am distracted at work or towards other people’s suffering.

-I live by wanting to possess or be what I do not have or am not,

-I suffer because of the guilt that I carry with me from the past or because I resist what life has imposed on me.

There is no doubt at all that I represent peace and I can transmit peace when my “objectivity is obvious.”

There will be no peace in the world, there will be no equality in the world until we embody peace.  Our contribution to peace in the world is possible if, and only if, we are peace.