Do I imagine the past and the future with my thoughts?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

I can very firmly assure you that if at this moment, you are in some way tense, perturbed, restless, sad, worried, in pain or in other moods, it’s because you allow yourself to be led by your thoughts.

I’m not saying that you don’t have reasons for being like this. Those reasons always exist, they are a part of life.

What I’m saying is that such reasons that make you feel absent from your life, from your present, are a product of your thoughts.

Whatever it is that happened with you or you believe is going to happen, is not present at this moment. You hold it in your mind and ponder over it repeatedly.

That activity of thinking about the cause of your mood is completely equivalent to be living the real cause that perturbs you.

The emotions and the feelings of the memory or the anticipation of your reasons are the same as what is happening to you in this moment.

What, therefore, can be the objective of pondering over what I am not living?

Probably you cannot find a clear reason for going through this, unless it is clear that you enjoy being a victim of something. The only reasonable explanation is that we just do not prevail over the involuntary thoughts that appear in our lives.

We get distracted from what we are living and our mind is carried away by the thoughts pertaining to what has affected us recently or to what we anticipate might happen to us. It will never be emphasized enough that there is nothing better for our mental, psychological or physical health than living what we are living. Whether it is that I am where I want to be or perhaps that I am somewhere I do not like to be, I am doing what I like to do or doing what I dislike doing. In a life full of activities, a tactic that can give us good results in not falling in the involuntary thoughts and keeping us attentive to what we are doing and, especially feeling, at least for me, is asking myself quite frequently:

What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Why are you about to turn on the TV?

Why do you walk so fast? Why don’t you

stop what you are doing for a minute and observe yourself from within? What do you feel? Where? And a thousand more questions that you would ask someone that you really trust but that you almost completely do not know, since every day, every hour, you are different. Connect with the present that is you. Realize that you are happy so many times and you have no idea of this because the absence of suffering distracts you. These rare but wonderful moments are the best source of good health.