Do I live by respecting what is most important for everyone’s life?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

The most important aspect of what we are and that distinguishes us from the majority of the Universe, as we know it up till now, is that we are life. The particles that form us, like everything in the universe, are in constant movement. Nothing is still in the universe, although we believe it is. And I am not just talking about movements in infinite space. I am also talking about a rock which may have remained in the same place for thousands of years. There is constant movement in it too. In contrast to inanimate matter, living beings that are also made of the same particles as that rock, have an extra ability to move themselves or parts of their structures, their fluids and their internal transmitters of information. All of that is a ‘sine qua non’ for the process of living. The process of living is a universal reality that we will never cease to admire in the fullness of its glory. That is what makes us important, because we represent life. Amoeba or human, it does not matter, what does matter is that we are life and that makes us great, Life, whatever its qualities, is wonderful. We do not know what the reason for being is in life and while we do not know, there is no reason to scorn life and there never will be. We will never become tired of admiring the natural phenomena of life. They far exceed our own creative abilities.

Life breeds life and it is that natural ability that unfortunately we can alter. Life requires to be fed and protected. That is, life needs life. If there is one aspect of a human being that can be really destructive it is in the destruction of life in any of its forms.

In practical terms, our attitudes should always be respectful of life. If we observe ourselves carefully a large part of our daily activities can affect life; we feed ourselves from life, in many senses we depend on the lives of others and on our own. All of us represent life at every moment. Life is a perfect balance in self-satisfaction. And being alive depends on a deliberate intention to achieve a perfect consistency in our behaviour. It is very simple for us to lose this balance in life. No life is greater or lesser than ours. Without distorting our own joy in living, it is necessary for us to define every step that we take to respect life. There is no hierarchical position in any structure of human activity that can assume rights over life, not even your own. Respect for life is so necessary in our day to day lives that it demands that we live by deliberately paying attention to the lives we touch at every moment. Our least significant violent gesture threatens lives. And on the other hand, any action that aims to protect life must be praised.