Do I live desiring what I am not?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Human beings have not understood that life does not consist in trying to be something that we are not but in being what we are at every moment. The universe has foreseen our growth. Everything is always prepared in the midst of the reality that it provides for the material, psychological and mental growth that is produced while we develop. At every moment of our lives even our final days we are developing in some aspect of this growth. However, the guidance we receive from our first steps onwards, opens our eyes to see what suits us and not what we could experience with joy. Culture and upbringing do not let us do everything that I observe while I research, but force us to do what is thought to suit us. An attitude to life that makes us feel satisfied with what we are and feel is not achieved when we attain the success we aspired with anxiety. It is well known that when I seek what I desire I never finish by being satisfied with what I find, but I am immediately filled with a new desire and carry on searching.
There is no limit to our desires nor room for satisfaction.
By contrast, the process of a permanent change that is satisfied with what I experience at any moment is assured through the joy of living.
I do not desire anything because I am now satisfied with what I am. And human growth in any of its facets (material, psychological and mental) is guaranteed.
Self-observation of our growth as children, young people, parents and grandparents, allows many of us to see clearly the errors we have committed in our lives. It may be that we have given birth to children or grandchildren who are powerful millionaires but not to grandchildren with the responsible attitude of harmony, coherence and peace that our society should be experiencing.
I am not blaming myself; I am accepting that I am limited for not having understood earlier and taught about the responsibility that we all have for the state of our civilisation.
Life gave me opportunities but I did not yet understand it.