Do I live for peace as a reward?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrin from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

We all want there to be peace in our lives but it must not be that easy to find, given the high consumption of medications to calm use, help us relax, make us sleep and later wake up, or prevent us from feeling depressed.
This makes me think that perhaps we approach the lack of peace as a sickness, as something far from us that comes to trouble us, as if it were a virus. So, through this lens, the best solution is to take a pill, get rid of this bothersome intruder and return to feeling good. Maybe not in peace but, at least, without the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety or tension.

Another form of approaching this search for peace would be to recognize and want to do something for ourselves, without pills. Feeling responsible and capable of improving one’s own situation by one’s own efforts is a big step forward, in itself. And from here, a trap can arise. I’ll try to explain myself with an example: I have a strong pain in my shoulder and they’ve recommended 3 months of physical therapy. I don’t want to be working at this for 3 months – I want to be better, now. That is, I want to arrive at a goal without having done the work to arrive at it. As I only pursue the goal without traveling the path to it, I’m not going to achieve it. That’s clear enough, no? Well, something like this happens with peace. I seek the reward, but I don’t grasp the importance of understanding my role in the distress that I feel. I want to be in peace while maintaining the same thoughts, feelings, impulses, attitudes, fears, and beliefs as always, without getting that everything which I don’t understand (sometimes through laziness, sometimes anxiety) is the very cause of this lack of peace within me.

Peace is not a product of the digital era – it’s more of an analogue type. It doesn’t appear by APRETANDO a bottle or buying it in a mall. It’s from the analogue era It’s not a reward that I can grasp with my hand. It is, rather, a consequence of looking within, honestly and curiously, which helps me understand and locate myself, acting differently in my life. And that takes more than a click.