Do I live my peace wishing for success or fearing failure?

Comment by Jose Pares Perez. Concepción, Chile

In our lives’ paths, we always encounter hills to climb, hard roads to walk, rivers or valleys to cross, dangers to confront… everything that makes it harder for us to advance. We all are conscious of the fact that going through life is not easy both for the ones who are only beginning the journey, as, especially, the ones who are almost at the end of it.

However, what we find in that path is just what we have forced in ourselves, as individuals who live in culture and nature, and it is impossible for us to stop. Life is what we are and we can walk through it in our own way. If we keep our eyes focused, and observe intently and intentionally, on what life the culture we were chosen to live imposes upon us, our paths can be full of harmony, logic and peace.

Is not possible for us to stop being what we are. Nature shows us clearly that what we really are is what we feel when confronted to the reality we see. There’s nothing in myself that shows the me I imagine I am. I’m not what I think and believe I am, but my feelings, emotions, impulses, memories, etc. My body is clear about that, because it has changed like 33 times since the day I was born and I still feel I am the same as when I was a little boy.

If I feel myself inside, I realize that I’m peace with myself, there’s little that can make me uncomfortable and if it does, it’s for a little while. But some years back it was not like that, at the time, I was still fighting to meet my self-imposed goals and fearing failure. Today, I can see that was no way to live, it was not life like the one I have discovered now that lets me be sensitive before the pain and the joy of others; sensitive before the beauty of a painting, of a living landscape, before any kind of music, before the demonstration of children’s and animal’s innocence. I learned to live my inner peace. I can live, fortunately for my family and me, every day.

I understand they are two extremes of one life. The thing is that, in my youth, I couldn’t find someone to tell me clearly about the importance of understanding what we really are. Nobody told me that I had to observe myself internally, I just knew about beliefs, philosophies and that kind of stuff. The path was inside me, but I never paid attention. But everything changed, maybe it did late in life, but it changed. I live in peace because I know who I am and I’m looking for success in anything. I observe myself internally frequently and try to live with the peace I feel.

Now there is harmony and logic in my neighborhood.