Do I live with my enemy?

Contribution by Lidia Sánchez Calero, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

We believe that our enemies are always external and have nothing to do with us.
I will tell you what happened to me not long ago. A woman approached a colleague to ask her for help, she needed a tranquiliser to calm the state of nerves she was in as a result of seeing a third person who was coming to greet her.
She (our protagonist) remarked on how bad this person (the visitor) made her feel. In the past some things had happened that she associated as being this woman’s fault and on seeing her she got into a state of nerves and fear. She took the medicine and went away into her office. After a while the girl who provided her with the tablet, made a comment to me…
Do you notice how much power we hand to other people?
It is so strong that it is causing her anxiety! My response was almost immediate, and unexpected. Something intuitive made me say:
No way! I don’t believe it is the power that she is handing to that person that is causing this effect, we cannot give power to anyone.
What is happening is that she became lost in thoughts, in fear…if you are present in your life you see that everything is down to you, no one else, it is not anyone’s fault, perhaps at some point in her life there was an association of ideas, but it is just an association, it is not real.
This has helped me to understand that we are the only ones who live with our imaginary enemies. Because our real enemies (someone who has harmed us for example) will be kept at a safe distance, away from us.
It is not like that for us; we focus on ourselves and do not see the damage we cause ourselves.