Do I lose or gain energy when I live without judging myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

It is quite a normal situation in life for us to spend our lives constantly thinking about how we have done what we have just done.

And not just that, we also retain a vivid memory of what we disliked about our previous behaviour or some other aspect of our character.

In this way we constantly tear ourselves apart because we reject what we did not like about our past or what we do not like about our identity.

We keep the wounds open that we have suffered on our journey.  And that is not the way to heal our wounds.  To remember our errors is to go back along the path that made us suffer.

The memories, the scars and the dislikes with which we identify all remain in place.

It is inevitable.

However, if we lived in the present, if we made our journey by paying attention to the path we took and accepting ourselves as we were, we would not carry useless and harmful baggage, our baggage.  In that way, we would not just be permanently reducing the burden of a path that is disturbing, tiring and tainted.

We would also be reducing the suffering that always seems to accompany the violence, resistance or denial with which we treat ourselves.  After a few steps walking like this, you will realise that your journey becomes easier and more self-motivating.  Suffering, frustration and harmful identification will cease to affect you and you will feel as if you are surrounded by harmony, consistency and peace of mind.

When you really become interested in yourself not only will your batteries not run out but they will be continually recharged as you walk.

Live by loving yourself and you will love living.