Do I lose or gain energy when I live without judging myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

It is a fairly common condition of living in which we live constantly wondering how well we did what we just finished doing.

And not just that, we additionally maintain a living memory of that which displeased us about our behaviour earlier or some aspect of our way of being.

In this way, we constantly keep hurting ourselves because we reject what we did not like about our past or that we do not like about our identity. The wound that we suffered on our way, we keep it open.

And that’s not the way to heal our wounds. Remembering our mistakes is like walking again on the same path that makes us suffer.

The memories, the scars, the discomfort with which we identify ourselves, all remain with us.

It is inevitable.

However, if we live the present, if we continue to walk paying attention to our steps, accepting ourselves as we are, we will end up not loading up our backpack, our baggage, uselessly and perniciously. That way we would not only be reducing the permanent burden of a disturbed, tiring and polluting walk, we would be reducing the suffering that seems to constantly accompany the violence, the resistance or the rejection that we are dealing with.

Just after walking a few steps in this manner, we can notice that our walk becomes lighter and self-motivating. The suffering, the frustration, the pernicious sense of identifying ourselves are all replaced by harmony, coherence and peace. When you really care about yourself, not only will your batteries not be drained out, they will, in fact, be permanently charged up with your march.

Love yourself and you will love living.