Do I often ask to protect myself or learn from me?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

We are full of questions mainly because the truth is that we are ignorant. We were born into a world full of things, whether we see them or not, and we know nothing about anything. We have a brain that needs to feed itself in order to make connections that protect it from a vacuum that terrifies us. We vacillate, we hesitate and we need to know things. Then we invent questions (from the Latin: cunctari to doubt or hesitate).

There are always doubts, hesitations and gaps in our lives and therefore our conversations are normally riddled with questions. We greet each other with questions: How are you? And we question each other affectionately because we want to know and continually reassure ourselves that we were well when we were apart, even if it was only for a few hours. Our most frequent conversations are to find out what the other person knows. And this is logical because since the other person perceived a different reality from the one that I had perceived until then, my interest is therefore focussed on what the other person learnt from what he perceived and I did not.
In all areas of life: culture, politics, religion and health etc. we have gaps that we want to fill.

However, we tend to be very calm and satisfied with what we know about ourselves even though life often produces moments that should fill us with questions. And we do not ask because we believe that we do not know the answers. But this is our big mistake. Each of us is the only person who can know the answers to our questions. But it is necessary to know what to ask.

You are always present in yourself, always. Pay attention to yourself. In the same way that you pay attention to your friends’ faces and when you notice something, you immediately ask: what’s the matter? This is what you should do with yourself. Centre yourself within your body and your mind and ask yourself, why do I feel the way I do? And continue observing and questioning yourself until a response emerges.

Do it frequently and you will learn very quickly to talk to yourself. Then, you will see the quality of the friend who is always present with you.