Do I persist in what I dislike about myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

When you are walking along an upward path you nearly always do it at a slow pace that gives you the opportunity to observe the difficulties of the path you are taking more closely and the effort that you must make not to fall and to keep going. You do not look at the goal, you look at the step you are taking and the inner sensation that accompanies it. It is the safest and most pleasant way of progressing. Nothing about what lies behind nor what lies ahead intrudes on your happiness in walking. Life contains that curiosity: any journey made in this way with joy and paying attention, is progress. There is another way of being, of enjoying an attractive life and, curiously it is the way that most of us choose: resisting the upward paths that to some extent are not pleasant, and even to a lesser extent involve giving up something we have or that we fear.
To tiredness and boredom with our work, is added irritation or annoyance because of some situation that dogs our routine steps through life. It is more sensible to sit and observe ourselves in order to decide that the step that we take at every moment is the right one. The most important thing to do in life is to take the steps we have to take with due attention. When something upsets us it seems incomprehensible to persist in sitting, with our eyes closed when faced with our habitual distractions, but without paying attention to what keeps us away from our inner lives, away from our true lives, an attentive life, a life so few of us experience. Were the previous steps not properly taken? It does not matter, the one that matters is the one that you are about to take. Do not persist in suffering through life.
Stand up, awaken your senses and step forward with joy. One synonym of giving up your life is death.