Do I question my beliefs?

Remarks by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

Curiosity is the mother of knowledge and the enemy of ignorance. This is a permanent process that begins at birth. However, at a certain age, fears appear; and these tend to overcome curiosity, leading to the emergence of beliefs. We stop informing ourselves and begin to believe what others tell us. There are many areas in which one could argue that this way of being has no major significance. However, there are other matters in which letting yourself be guided by how others see things can have very serious consequences for living a truthful life.

Who am I and what am I like? Is reality as I see it? What bothers me? What do I love? Why are we here? These are questions whose responses mold our lives. Perhaps you have answers to all of them; but do they originate from within you or do you simply believe what others have told you?

Your curiosity and desire to educate yourself about what can be understood and proven is your responsibility. You might be thinking that you live a good life because others, with intentions unknown to you, have told you to live this way. Only you know your life and no one can tell you the truth about it. What inspires you in life produces the feeling that only you can give to this opportunity to live. No one can tell you what that feeling is. All the information that you require to live is your own life – it is within you, not in books. You are the only book about yourself. Search for the way to read it.

When things exceed your capacity for understanding – and there are plenty – if you don’t take them on, no one will understand them. “He who speaks, does not know; he who knows, does not speak.” When you’re not sure of others’ intentions in important matters of life, be suspicious, know yourself, and remain calm.