Do I see without seeing?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

We human beings lose our enjoyment of the greatest of our perceptions and sensations, because we usually perceive them without being conscious of what we feel. We normally smell without enjoying the aroma, eat without tasting, look without seeing, touch without enjoying the caress or hear without listening. When we are absorbed by a thought, concern, worry, resentment or pain, we cease to pay attention to what we are perceiving at the present moment. And in that way perceptions do not succeed in attracting our attention, we simply miss part of what we are experiencing. And if we miss part of what we are experiencing we lack the necessary information to form an opinion about what we feel. Our decisions to take the steps life requires at every moment, cannot be taken without clarity. There is nothing riskier in life than to take decisions when you lack the proper information.
Most of the time we take decisions based on our beliefs, customs, undue respect for orders we have received, knee jerk reactions, etc. Try to always decide for yourself.
Journeying through life requires that we deliberately pay attention to every step we take. We cannot journey along the rugged path of life without really looking at what we believe we see. Our journey is not a solitary path.
We move within a complicated web of relationships; our steps require healthy lessons; many depend on or are inspired by our steps. Therefore, your responsibility in life must always be in your knapsack.
If you wish to understand the human change that we miss, let it be seen that you have changed.
Sense what you feel with your whole being.