Do I seek refuge in my habits?


Concepción, Chile

In many ways, as much because of a natural tendency of our bodies to reduce our energy consumption to the maximum extent, as to save ourselves time and effort by doing things automatically, we fall back on our habits when activities take on a certain degree of similarity to each other.

Classic examples of such habits are our reactions to certain stimuli that we dislike or that are very repetitive.  We find it very practical to respond as we do through something that has become a habit in our relationship with others and/or with ourselves.

However, like all of the activities that we do, and to which we do not pay deliberate attention, we thereby run the risk of doing harm to others or to ourselves.

Although the possibility of harming others or ourselves by acting in accordance with the habits we have acquired is hugely important, it is not the only pernicious aspect of this way of behaving.

In addition, we cease to focus our attention on what we do, which is, as we have been explaining for a long time now, the only way in which you can learn from yourself and find out about yourself.

Getting to know yourself is the only way of growing in life.  You are unique and different from anyone else and, therefore, knowing how, who and what you are like will guide your steps towards achieving a harmonious, calm and rational life.

Do not lose your opportunities to grow, always observe what your feel, do or think.