Do I suffer from lack of silence?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

When true love ends up being learnt, because “love is an art”, we can clearly learn that every human relationship, regardless of the degree of knowledge we have of the other, is a manifestation of love. Let us not forget that love is giving CARE, UNDERSTANDING, TRUST AND RESPECT to the loved one. For a sincere relationship we must always give that. If something is lacking, in the relationship, take note of what it is and of whether the relationship is on the right track. If it is not, put it right since you can deceive others or deceive yourself, hurt yourself or hurt others, by acting outside the context of the relationship. We mainly communicate with words and much less frequently with gestures, looks, caresses, posture etc. Whichever means we use to communicate, we must be very careful to pay attention to what the other person shows us. There is no doubt that in any relationship, the moment to listen to what the other person contributes to the relationship is of great importance.
It does not just matter what I contribute but also what the other person contributes.
And to listen to what the other person is communicating to us, we must be silent. I remember many occasions in the professional life I led, especially at critical moments in exchanges of opinions about technical situations that needed to be resolved, that we did not listen to each other to consider what was being said, because we were preparing the next intervention we would make on the subject.
Many of our get-togethers become completely pointless because we lack the silence to listen. We are not so much interested in what the other person is saying as in what we will say afterwards. A relationship that does not respect the other person nor understand what that shows is a failed relationship. There is no love nor transformational exchange that contributes to life. Learn to keep silent in order to feel what life is communicating to you internally and externally.