Do I take care of myself?
Remarks by Carlos Herrero Osés, Navarra, Spain.

Perhaps it might depend on the amount of conscious attention that we manage to place on our lives. Normally, our activities are focused on our exterior. By remaining focused on our interior, listening to our desires and our needs, we can try to resolve deeper motivations. Focused on our exterior, we live pursuing the dream of achieving security, pursuing fame, possessions, money, all aspects of prestige, etc. Rarely do we direct our attention to our interior, to our subjective experience, to notice and be conscious of what happens inside our skin; as a result, we can’t consider our attention full. To that end, we need to cultivate, moment by moment, a way of being without trying to change or acquire anything, allowing ourselves to feel the flow of life. This is an invitation to search for a balance between internal and external needs, to bring our lives to a place of peace and harmony.
“Almost every one of us has a living room but we leave a part of ourselves behind, forgotten. And a being room?”