Do I tend to be aware of what I taste?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

When we do not know what is happening to us, we do not know how to act. In our daily lives we do not know what is happening to us. We live in a distracted way by letting ourselves be guided by our fears and desires, by routine, by beliefs, etc. We live in a distracted way. We are not able to appreciate at every moment what is guiding our footsteps. That is what happens to us: we are not the ones who decide. We do not even realise how this makes us feel. Often we feel troubled, annoyed and discouraged and we do not know why. The explanation is in a distracted life.

But this can change.

It is as simple as practising paying attention when you are tasting some exquisite chocolate, when you test the temperature of the water when you take your morning shower or when you check your watch for the time of your next appointment. We do all of these activities as a matter of routine and we can make use of them to practise paying attention to the present when we realise that we are doing them. It needs no greater effort than this to begin to live in a different way. Many of us have found that paying attention to the present works. You are already a wonderful being. Do not try to change anything, just pay attention to yourself.