Do my dreams project my resistance to what I am?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

There is no doubt that if you cut your hair it is because you do not like the way your hair is. It is a mechanism that works at every level in our reactions to life. If you want to ask others to admire you, put on your best clothes, wear your most precious jewels, verbalise your best thoughts, and present yourself with the greatest intelligence etc.
This natural instinct of every living being does not have anything bad in itself, except that we lie by showing what we are not. The rose cannot lie if it turns out that it dreams of being a gladiolus. Nature does not dream of being what it is not because it is always in harmony with what it is. It attracts what it needs to live with its beauty or its shape.
It is not necessary to disguise yourself to lie.
You always disguise what you are. You use what you are to exist. We humans have learnt to lie. I invent stories about myself to attract followers; I disguise myself to show that I am special; I speak in a loud voice to show my authority and convince those I need; I use superfluous or expensive devices to demonstrate my power.
In short, the lies we have learnt to use show our intelligence and our ability to think.
If I were satisfied with what I am there would be no reason to change myself for anything that exists.
Simplicity and harmony are the projection of my acceptance.