Do my fears stir my thoughts?

Commentary by Carlos Herrero Osés, Navarra, Spain.

Fears are feelings or emotions that are generated around something that we imagine will happen in the future, something that does not yet exist. We imagine and project things that may or may not happen, we do not know them, but they harm us in our present, in our lives.

As the famous phrase says: “My life has been full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never actually happened.”

One thing is the planning and being prepared for something, and another, quite distinct, is being constantly worried.

We must differentiate them from fear, which is a natural emotion of something that happens in the present, is real and is useful for our survival. Our thoughts seek safety, anticipation, certainty and quick answers, as we do not find them in the future since they do not exist, we begin to get agitated, to enter negative loops, and to imagine the worst possible scenarios, which generates anguish and anxiety in us.

Can we solve, resolve or deal with the things that do not yet exist?

Do we know exactly what is going to happen in the future?

If I worry excessively, I deal with it on two occasions, once when the object of my worries is real in the present, and the other, all the time before the incident: How will I have more resources? Should I deal with it or should I worry first and deal with it later?

If we keep ourselves attentive in our lives, we will become aware when the unhealthy and excessive worries appear that limit our lives and harm us, we can recognize them as such and let them pass.

This way, we will remain with more clarity and strength whenever we have to face the inevitable obstacles of our lives.

When we think too much about a problem, do we solve it or do we think we are solving it?