Do Peace and Sustainability speak the language of Needs?

Concepción, Chile

The situation in the world, of what we call “civilization” deserves that we find a common language through which we can all understand each other.  We use languages that are different not just because of the words we use but also the concepts to which we wish to refer.  Words are not things, nor are they what they seek to portray.  What matters are the concepts with which we describe reality or, at least, what we seek to convey. 

If we want to refer to the peace that we all need and desire in our lives we will find many words in thousands of languages that refer to thousands of other concepts related to that state.  We all believe that we are talking about the same thing if we refer to the word “peace.”  And our conversation and actions about the peace we are alluding to get us nowhere.  We fail to understand each other but we part company feeling happy about our meeting or conference or whatever on the subject of “peace.”  Something similar happens with many other concepts which, for all of us, mean what we are dealing with at that moment.

However, there is a reality that inspires the concepts to which we must pay attention and this is that of unmet needs.  We all believe that we understand this reality and that is why humanity is full of beliefs, philosophies, political ideas, customs, religions, regimes etc that seek to impose themselves on others as if they are the possessors of “illusory truths.”  They do not speak the language of needs but of thoughts which always generate conflict.

Only harmony, consistency and inner peace can comprehend the incredibly important language of Needs at the present moment in the world.  How long are we going to continue without understanding it?