Do the beliefs about me prevent me from learning?

Commentary by Carlos Herrero Osés from Navarra, Spain.

The beliefs continue to be the thoughts that we assume to be true, with regard to the past experiences. They are a part of the past and are subjective and very personal.

They reflect the facts that have been reduced and filtered by individuals.

Beliefs can encompass many areas like religion, politics, oneself, the others, life, relationships, etc.

As a matter of fact, each person can have a distinct belief.

We need to look no further than the society that we live in; the number of opinions, discussions and attitudes that any event or occurrence produces.

On the other hand, learning and comprehension can only happen in the present.

Can we do it five minutes ago?

True learning happens in the instant present if we are attentive.

As far as my own learning and comprehension are concerned, I cannot rely solely on my beliefs because if I do, I will be anchored to the past.

I must take the beliefs the way they are and be open to all the information there is in the present. For example, “I believe I am bad at managing my anxiety.”

If I rely upon that belief, I will continue to be bad at it and nothing will change.

However, if I take that belief as a thought that does not have to be real, I can become open to experiencing that anxiety with the intention to do so, without judgment and with curiosity. Can the experience change if we do this? Can my beliefs change? Can even my anxiety change?