Do you live life or bury it under a timepiece?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrín, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

Let us say that there are two times: clock time and the one we create when we live somewhere between the past and the future. 

Undoubtedly, living frantically under the tyranny of timed tasks, is the cause of much tension and anxiety.  But, it also seems that we have a time machine in our head that is constantly causing us to switch between the past and the future.

Do you recognise that you spend nearly all your time remembering things or imagining things that may happen in the future?

This also causes anxiety, stress and depression.  You can take your watch off your wrist, but the other is more difficult to locate to be able to remove it from us.  That kind of psychological time that we invent in our minds does not allow us to feature in the present in which we live.  Our body is there, in the present, but our mind is elsewhere. 

It seems to us that our concerns are more important than what is happening at the moment.

We place a great value on what we think, remember, judge, criticise and believe while life passes us by.  When we do not pay attention and we do not get off the moving train of ourthoughts, life passes us by unnoticed and we feel empty.  Empty of ourselves!  That is the thing, we are distracted from our lives.  Distracted, lost in banalities.  And there is no point filling it with relationships, prized goods, money, fame, prestige, etc.

Why?  Because you are still absent.  Stop and live.  And I am not referring to living “La Vida Loca”.  I am referring to meditating (not thinking), of being aware of what you feel, think, fear, aspire and pay attention to and what motivates you, and decide if what impels you in this mechanical way is what you really want for your life.  How do you want to remember your life when you leave it?  Do not think, feel it, explore, decide and act.  Live your life.

To live life you have to be where it happens, in the present.

What are you going to decide?  Do you have time?

Are you on time?