Does absent life lead to an anxious search?

Questions for self-observation and learning about myself.

Contribution made by Isabel Hernández Negrín from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Many of us do not realize that we live through a character that we have created throughout life: the funny, the responsible, the effective, the smart, the achiever, the victim, the sympathetic, the good friend, the cunning, the rebel , the unfortunate, the submissive, the helpful, etc.

Dressed in the created character, we go through life disguised and establishing relationships through it. Frequently, people say they feel their life is empty or meaningless. And it may well be because when living disguised behind a character, we forget about ourselves. What we feel, think or do is always ordered by the character that we have conformed to.

Absent life has a lot to do with living things half-way, not being entirely, but with fears, with ideas about how I should be, with aspirations to be something else or something different from what I already am.

Absent life is like when you feel like eating and you can’t help feeling that emptiness and feeling driven to look for food with which to satisfy and silence it. Thus one can live their life half-heartedly, with hunger for oneself, half empty of oneself and anxiously searching for things with which to fill the void. In this way people can do things that do not fill the void of an absent life but give some minor satisfaction, such as buying compulsively, eating too much, making themselves admired, and so many things that are done as a means to get a little pleasure that fills them up for a moment.

Aren’t an absent life, anxiety and the pursuit of pleasure aspects of the same phenomenon?

Do not believe me. Observe it in yourself and verify in practice what happens.