Does beauty have a set time?

Contribution by José Parés Pérez

Concepción, Chile.

I have no idea if a human being has ever tried to define BEAUTY.

If they have done, the most likely thing is that the outcome cannot be defined by that word.  It is one of those concepts for which there are no words.  We can only recognise what we are talking about when we are in its presence, when what we perceive fits our utmost capacity for amazement.

Being able to recognise beauty does not depend on that part of the reality which we can perceive and which amazes us, but instead depends on us, on the characteristics of the beholder.  Beauty is part of reality, however, it only exists when it is perceived as such and its time lasts as long as our wonder. 

The death of beauty is the loss of our ability to be amazed, to be entranced by the reality that we perceive.  Therefore beauty will only exist while we keep our ability for amazement alive by paying attention to what we perceive. 

As long as we maintain our attention on the effect caused to our emotional reality by what we perceive, beauty will combine with our harmony, consistency and peace of mind.

Without paying attention to what we experience at every moment, beauty will just be a potential occurrence in our wonderful reality.  We will, like most of us, be wasting our own lives.  If we are not present within ourselves when reality may take us by surprise, we miss the opportunity to revel in that beauty.   What I do know is that, on one occasion at least, we will have been entranced by some form of beauty that is always ready to be revealed.