Does desire silence my conscience?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Being conscious is being focussed on what I am experiencing.

The only way to have control over what I feel at every moment is to be conscious of what my perceptions produce in me.

Generally, what I perceive and like, I want.  What I perceive and dislike, I reject.  What I reject about my reality implies a non-acceptance of what I experience as well as suffering and attempts not to feel it.  We have lost the focus of our attention.   We are focussed on what we dislike about ourselves.

I would like to perpetuate what I like about my reality and my desire is born for what I do not have, or do not feel, or am not.

I have lost the focus of my attention on the present moment.

I have focussed on what I want to achieve. 

In both cases I am silencing my conscience, I am losing my focus on what matters in my life which is to live in a way that is conscious of the present moment which gives me insights about myself.  Both the desire for what we do not have and our resistance to what we dislike about our lives, silence our conscience about what we experience.

Paying attention to what I experience allows me to live in a focussed way, and with the opportunity to control my reactions towards what life brings me.  This is the only means of achieving harmony, consistency and peace of mind.