Does HONESTY go hand in hand with PEACE?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrín

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

I am not interested in honesty as an external form of behaviour that can be forced for whatever reason.  I am referring to inner honesty.  To that quality of transparency, an absence of double standards in our perception of ourselves. When, within myself, I do not feel the need to lie, distort, reinterpret or justify, then I would say that there is honesty and also peace.  I cannot imagine the one without the other.  And you?

Where there are lies, is there peace?  When I am not honest, what has led me to it?  When I want to be the cleverest, strongest, most successful, educated, good-looking and capable….am I really or do I want to appear to be something that I believe is desirable?  If that is the case, I am lying.  Am I lying to gain something I believe that I do not deserve as I am?  In other words why would I want to seem to be other than I am?  Is there not a strange delusion there?  Do I feel that, as I am, I am not deserving of something?  Could that something be my own acceptance and affection and that of others?

Peace and honesty appear to be constantly available to us, but it seems that a veil of confusion is always in place to lead us astray. We lie when we believe we have done something bad, we justify our actions with stories that are often unconvincing.  We deceive ourselves in order to bear the pain of a truth that we do not accept.  What are we creating?  A cloud of inconsistencies that we must then continue to sustain even and most particularly for ourselves. Maintaining these little deceptions is very difficult for us.  It creates great tension and inner violence.  You just need to remember an occasion when you spent a long time keeping a deception or a secret that seemed intolerable to you and the great release of tension and malaise that you felt when you dared to be honest.   All of that tension had permanently taken up residence within you.  I believe that it might be assumed that I am talking about external behaviour, but essentially this comes from inside us, so  it is within us that we can work on the confusion that we are building up based on self-deception, until we free ourselves from the desire to be something other than we are.

It is worth adjusting our intention to question the impulses that lead us to lie in every possible way, which are many, and to free ourselves from the tension and violence that lead us to try and maintain our lies intact.  It occurs to me that when we do not do this, we live like an actor, always playing a role, always playing a scene in front of the spotlights of the world and ourselves.  Does it not seem exhausting to you?  When there is honesty and clarity at the heart of our being, there is peace.  We are all too familiar with the opposite.  It is worth moving through every step we take.  Observing, questioning and choosing peace.  It does not seem that difficult, does it?