Does hope create conflicts?

Contributed by Isabel Hernández Negrin from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,


“Hope is the dream of the awake man,” Aristotle.

“For the hope of tomorrow, we sacrifice today, whereas, the happiness is always in the now,” Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Hope can be considered something important, they say. I have read that to experience hope, it is recommended to look for a project, to commit to it, to persevere and to never give up.

But I wonder if it isn’t the other way round. That is to say, if someone seriously, after enquiring into his inner self, finds a meaningful path for his life and consciously commits to it and is consistent in his acts, then there exists in him a perception of strength and vitality, which seems like what someone calls hope. As per my humble understanding, by disregarding the dictionary and by adjusting myself to what is popularly experienced as hope, it rather expresses a longing to get out of some problem, or some unpleasant personal state of mind from which I don’t know how to come out and about what I imagine is that something is going to lead to the miracle of the desired change. Whenever I hear someone using the word hope, the action of the person or the commitment to a project does not exist.

It simply creates the illusion of a better tomorrow that offers a little oxygen.

Our sense of hope always puts the solution in the future. It’s a magical attitude towards life, because the only moment in which I can do something, that maybe helps me reach a better tomorrow, is NOW. Hope, in essence, is only a self-deception and makes us numb. It distances us from the present moment which is where I have the problem, which is where I feel empty or depressed or worried or afraid. It is now when I can take charge of it, when I can be conscious of the fact that not dealing with it today will only prolong the agony.

We cannot ignore our reality and pretend that it can fix on its own as if by magic: whenever I have a good job, a partner, a family. The future does not exist.

I can imagine that you may be thinking: “My goodness, what a pessimist!”

Nothing like that, taking the reins of one’s own life is a bearer of happiness, of energy and of vitality, even if there are difficulties along the way. Only when we are lazy with our own lives and we complain without doing anything to comprehend and improve, we are tempted to take advantage of hope.

Do you have a lot of hope or do you have a project of life to which you are committed and keep persevering, despite the difficulties and the doubts?