Does life recognise boundaries?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrín, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

Does a child recognise boundaries? Might it not be that we start to mark out boundaries when we begin to protect something that we believe we own? Something that we always want to have with us so that we feel safe and satisfied? Does the countryside or the sea have boundaries?
We put them there. We believe in the idea that something is ours, that we need it to survive, and we defend it from others who, of course, must believe the same as us. It is our fear of losing our security that drives us: my house, my country, my flag, my party, my group of whatever kind, my partner, my family, my goals, my ideas, my beliefs…Boundaries to safeguard my security. Life is constantly changing, although it influences us and, in the river of life, we want to make our own little pool where the waters are calm, just for me and mine.
Fear makes us think in selfish terms.
When fear is what motivates us, we get into the mode of accumulating, defending and fighting on any grounds. We resist the evidence that nothing is immutable and we want life to be the way we think suits us best. Based on this attitude, everything is about division and isolation: my opinion and yours; my aspirations and yours; my image of myself and yours; my ideals and yours, my beliefs and yours. We invent boundaries with our thoughts that do not exist in real life. Life mocks our fears and continues onwards, while we fight in a turmoil that only exists in our minds.
Based on this attitude and from this state of isolation from the rest, any aggression is justified, any revenge is legitimate and any victory is applauded. And our energy is used up in all of this while life moves onwards.
What are you boundaries? What are you looking to gain with them?