Does living distractedly hide the peace and beauty of my life?

José Pares Pérez
Concepción, Chile

Have you ever asked yourself what the point is, or may be, in having thoughts that wander?  It is undeniable that we very often voluntarily engage in, or fall distractedly into, wandering thoughts.   It does not bring us any benefit and, what is more, depending on the issue we are dreaming about, it may cause us serious harm.

But if all that were not enough, the most serious issue is that it distracts us from our present lives.  I trust that you have learnt by now that living distractedly is the source of most of our suffering, illness and a life that is sad and pointless.  Living distractedly is not living.

Some simple exercises are sufficient to show us what it means to live a life where we are present, which means that we can understand instantly what we are missing by living a distracted life.  They are two completely different states of being.  Shortly after starting your exercises in paying attention, you will notice that nothing you have to deal with is worth becoming distracted over, because when you are paying attention to the present, you experience harmony, calm and peace of mind.  Your continuous appraisal of what attention to the present tells you, will enable you to remain in a state of mind where you do not react as you previously did, to things that you disliked and that hurt or annoyed you or that you desired, etc.  Your life is right now, feel that peace and joy of living.

When you live distractedly you now know what you miss out on: peace and the joy of living.  It is just as easy to miss out on them through your reactions to the reality of life as it is to gain them through the practice of paying attention to the present moment.

If being distracted is what you believe is preventing you from living your life, change it through simple exercises, by paying attention to what you feel.  Stop thinking, when you can, and devote a few minutes to feeling your breathing, your body, what you hear, what you see, what you eat, hugging your children, etc.  You have thousands of opportunities to change your life at this moment.