Does my life take place only in the present?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

In effect, life can only be lived in the present.

Understanding and assimilating this reality provokes important changes in our lives.   The life we normally lead ascribes an exaggerated and detrimental importance to our past and future.  We waste most of our present life directing our thoughts towards what we have gone through and to what we would like or are afraid of experiencing.

What we do not notice clearly is that those thoughts about the past or future harm us.   Not just because they take us away from the potentially beautiful present but also because they rob us of harmony and coherence since they judge and blame us for what we have experienced; we become distressed by fear of what might happen or we are filled with anxiety about the fulfilment of our desires in the future. 

In short, you are allowing the past and the future to control your life. 

Become the author of your life.

Climb on to the stage where your life is being played out and write the script you want for it.

Be present in your life giving yourself the scenery you desire and the companions you choose, but remain present on the stage.

If life changes the scenery or the companions, as it tends to do, do not resist as there is nothing you can do about it.  Remain alert and write the best script possible in the new circumstances.  Forget beliefs, traditions, timekeepers or whatever puts pressure on you by trying to control your life.  

By being in the present you can write the best scripts, not just for those moments of joy in life but also those frequent days of pain and worry.   

Do not write about suffering and distractions, but about acceptance and peace of mind.

You may not believe me, but try it and you will see that it is quite possible.  It may be that your hands often tremble to begin with and do not allow you write the script, but with practice everything will change.  You cannot imagine how wonderful it feels to be able to say: “over the last few years I have lived the novel I am writing through every moment of my life.”  

That is how it is.

I have no reason to lie to you.