Does obeying my beliefs give me security?

Commentary by Carlos Herrero Oses, Navarra, Spain

Beliefs are thoughts, ideas or judgements that we treat as true, they contain an element of the past and we have generalised them in our lives. Some of them are conscious and we know that we have them, and others, the majority of them, we are not aware of having. Being aware of them is very important, as they rule our lives. They determine what we believe about any situation or aspect of our lives and how we act. As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t

…you’re right.” The way to discover the beliefs that limit us or that cause us suffering is to pay attention to the present moment, to observe, without judging, what we think about a topic, and the nature of the deeds we carry out, particularly the consequences our acts have on us, on others, or on our world.
“Obeying” our beliefs blindly and clinging to them, in fact, is a source of conflict and malaise as each of us has our “own”.
We need do no more than look around at the world in which we live today “beliefs against beliefs” to see their consequences.
It is worthwhile reflecting and pondering…

Do I have any beliefs? What beliefs do I have about myself? About others? About life? About our relationships? About our actions?…

Our future depends on them.