Does reality respond to our expectations?


We have sought to impose an erroneous vision of “humanisation” on our host planet, modelled on the basis of a profound lack of awareness of the principles of life.  Naively we believed that, as we had a blind faith in our interests and beliefs, the Earth would respond to our expectations.  Climate change and its consequences testify to the lamentable miscalculation contained in this proposition.

We and our children have inherited a planet that deplores the lack of awareness and the irresponsibility of the treatment afforded to it by our ancestors and the current leadership of the consumer world, and which is spread by the most influential communities in our species.

Let us beware of this lack of consciousness and the consequences of the plans and proposals that arise from it, even they are masked by a democratic appearance.  Our survival, in addition to our individual political or religious beliefs, is based simply on sustaining the conditions that will keep us alive.  Nothing familiar and demonstrable, nowadays, is superior to life itself.  No economic, political, legal or social value can be superior to life.

We are convinced that the evolution of our species can happen if human beings take a qualitative leap forward in awareness, a leap that will enable us to understand that we form part of a universal system that goes beyond what our current egoistic vision allows us to see.   A path that starts by observing and learning about ourselves and paying attention to what we are experiencing, from moment to moment.

An attention that starts and is sustained within each of us because of the strength and vitality we gain by dealing rationally with life.