Does self-awareness have the SENSIBILITY of my ATTENTION?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Shall we walk for a little while along our inner paths?
I invite you since we may be able to see matters that are of great interest to us and that may contribute to achieving those states of serenity and contentment that we are so keen to seek in the name of “happiness.” The latter is what makes this invitation important since often we have no idea what we are seeking in the name of happiness. And, if that were not sufficient in itself, happiness cannot be sought, it is felt when you cease to look for it since then you have the SENSIBILITY to feel it. An inner path that is well travelled by us is one on which you feel everything and you feel nothing. You see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think without paying it the slightest attention. Your attention is probably on the exam you have to hand in tomorrow, or perhaps you regret what happened yesterday, or there are important things on your mind since you are at work, or in conversation.
How different this other path is!
We are walking together in this reading and we can observe what the path shows us.
I am directing my attention towards what I can be conscious of, that I am present in myself and not distracted. In this state of mind I can decide if I see the screen on which I read and understand what the signs mean. I can stroll without haste through whatever is present at this moment within me. I have sufficient sensibility to realise the importance of what I am reading or perhaps to feel that, explained in some other way, it might be easier to understand.
I am present in what I capture from outside and what is generated within me and I have the sensibility of my attention to apply it to what I decide. That sensibility is extraordinarily important, when it is about deciding which of these inner landscapes takes me out of my state of serenity and happiness, and I can deliberately change the focus of my attention to another matter that contributes something to me. It occurs to me that this inner journey is what I do when I visit an exhibition of paintings and I decide to stop in front of those that fill me with pleasure.
Complete freedom to choose my attitude to life.