Does the attachment to what I believe about me prevent me from learning?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

– “What would you think if I told you that we are very different from what we believe we are?”

– “I would think you are about to start with one of those talks of yours about atoms and things like that.”

– “And if so, would it bother you?”

– “No, because it’s entertaining. But do not try to make me change myself because I’m fine with the way I am.”

– “My friend, no one is the same after a moment in life. Everything changes permanently at incredible speeds.

You are permanently arriving at the port of

this moment to set sail again towards another moment. Do not let the landscape, that accompanies you in your life’s journey, be always the same. If you look closely you will see that the reality, the world that accompanies you in each moment, is changing, you have a lot to learn from life. You have never experienced life at the age that you are today. You will never see the same river twice.”

– “See? Just as I thought… you are trying to change me. I don’t want to change because I really like my life the way it is. I have my things, of course. But they are mine and I know myself perfectly well. I do not lack anything and do not want anything more.”

– “Can I ask you a favour?”

– “Of course, tell me.”

– “Can you insult me?”

– “What??!!”

– “Insult me! Try to offend me by saying something that you think will make me feel offended.”

– “What are you saying?… No, I cannot do that.

We’re friends. No. I will not do it.”

– “I insist. You have a crude personality and when someone bothers you, you speak your mind to them. I am just asking you that when you insult me ​​you pay attention so you realize what you feel while doing it. Come on, now. Insult me and observe yourself. More than once you must have wanted to tell me some truths.”

– “Since you insist, but …No, I can’t.”

– “Come on! Do it!”