Does the believer dream of the freedom he has given up?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Whatever you believe is truth is an obstacle that you have set yourself that prevents you from experiencing the reality we are.
We live in the real world, we are part of it, we have an unlimited potential for whatever we might want to undertake. Even in the most absolute solitude, you maintain your ability to be as free as you wish.
However, very often, culture, customs or traditions, abuse or the scarce opportunities on offer, limitations, neglect etc. create chains that do nothing but restrict our vital potentialities.
All of these limitations are transformed into beliefs that control our lives.
It is just a process of creating a docile human existence to ensure obedience. Every guide, leader or chief needs followers; without them they are nothing.
Our lives, in truth, are prisons in which freedom is not visible to those who are unaware, those who are not familiar with their inner lives and believe everything they are told they are. Until they discover their dreams of freedom it does not cross their minds to extend their wings. If they do not even know what it is to love how are they going to be able to fly? Loving is giving the loved one respect, trust, knowledge and care. You have been made to believe something totally different about what love is in order to control your life in accordance with the interests of other people. Love is not about trading things. You love without expecting anything in return. One result of this unique truth is that we discover a love of ourselves when we pay attention to ourselves with respect, trust, knowledge and care and from there emerges a love for others. That transforms us into free beings simply enchained by the true love that we ourselves represent.