Does the observation of my reactions, without judging them, allow me to discover myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

We are often asked how to practise Paying Attention to the Present, since people are starting to see that its use clearly works.

We testify in our own lives that its practice helps us to approach a state of inner peace, to find ourselves and to live in consistency and harmony. Through my intention of exploring the practice in more depth, I have got to know some people who demonstrate through their attitude towards life that their practice of Paying Attention to the Present is paired with what we call “a joy of living”.

The practice of Paying Attention to the Present allows us to observe ourselves acting out our lives.

We observe how we react in the face of what life brings us. By observing ourselves we learn about what we feel and think, about our emotions and feelings, and our impulses when faced with what life throws at us. We learn by paying attention and we deliberately pay attention, because we are interested in ourselves.

Realising and knowing how we react at those special moments in our lives prepares us to carry out what we propose to modify. In the initial observations we probably annoy ourselves by judging our attitudes.

Well, do not judge yourself. This is you, accept yourself. This is an essential step. Do not burden those special moments in your life with the malaise caused by your own judgement. Getting to know ourselves produces changes. After having two or three more opportunities to pay attention to another special moment in your life, you will cease to pass judgement. How will this be noticeable? Set aside 5 minutes of your life and pay attention to yourself. If you can, close your eyes and pay attention to what you feel. If this is not one of the moments you dislike, remember what annoyed you recently and watch what passes through your mind. At the end of 5 minutes, record what you observed if it seems important to you, in order to confirm whether it is repeated. That is all. What you miss will be supplied by your interest and love for yourself.