Does the pursuit of pleasure enslave me to suffering?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

I have always thought that man, human beings are completely free to decide about their lives provided that they do not waste them.
I think that his freedom is over when what he does, thinks or feels takes something from his life or everything that his life is.
If we really knew life in all its magnitude, we would be able to admire abilities that we have never experienced and therefore are not hurt by not being able to experience them.
I am saying that if you believe that you are just born to eat, sleep, enjoy yourself, have sex and die, then you are very far from living life. It is only when we are aware that we can think, feel and do anything, while being conscious of what we are doing, that we live a full life.
Living a full life means that you are coherent and love your life, you have an interest in living life to your full natural potential.
It means that you maintain harmony in your relationships with everything and even in the worst real-life scenario that you experience, you retain your peace of mind. Experiencing moments of peace, harmony and coherence is something that we rarely know how to feel.
And those moments are life, a fleeting image of happiness. In simpler words, life is fulfilling and if we diverge slightly from living it that way, it can cause us suffering. Whatever we do to excess, in our lives full of freedoms, can take us away from the natural balance that the universe has created for our lives. This excess tends to lead us towards slavery within our freedoms. When we are in this state we are not conscious of life. Life passes us by as something totally despised. We can always come back to living when we learn from our excesses and love life.