Does truth exist?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

This is one of the questions that man will never be able to answer. He will not have the physical capacity to be able to answer it while he is what he is now, just a human being. It is not even possible for us to imagine a being that is capable of answering it. The truth includes what we are not, for example, the absence of dimensions in time and space, whereas humans still exist in dimensions of time and space. Anyone who says that he knows the truth, that he possesses the truth, is not telling the truth because that is impossible. In everything that we believe we know there is a significant amount of belief.

The closest approximation to the truth is what we accumulate as a result of what we perceive and all of us are aware of what we are able to perceive based on what we already have within us. What is in me is completely different from what is in you and therefore it is not possible that both of us will perceive something outside us in the same way. The “inner world” of a person is just their world; nobody has an identical world within their own reality.

This “world”, this “truth” that each person has is fed and enriched through all the opportunities that the being has to complement their truth with sources of information, with data that really communicate approximations to a truth that is free of interpretations.

The conclusion is that the closest thing to the truth is within us. There is no more reliable source of information on our lives than ourselves. We are the ones who are aware that we exist. If my world is me alone, my truth is abundantly clear.

If, on the other hand, I am part of a humanity in which everyone depends on everyone else, the truth may be totally different and not always clearly defined. But it will always be defined by what you feel when you are deliberately paying attention to your present life.

TRUTH does not exist. Although many beliefs exist that try to imitate it. The truth that human beings need to coexist in a broken world only exists in their reality.