Download Manual of mindfulness exercises to share with caregivers and Alzheimer´s patients in mild and moderate stages (GDS 3 and 4)

As a result of the generous contribution of those who have collaborated in our Association’s intentional present care project over the years, this Exercise Manual was created to attend to the present, in a shared way, for caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients in a mild and moderate phase, which summarizes in a simple and clear way how to bring, in a supportive and free way, the benefits of attention to the present to the weakest.

We summarize in twelve exercises, how the counsellor can share his or her object of attention, with a person with mild cognitive impairment and encourage the calmness of both.

To download it for free to your “download” folder, click on the link to the manual.…/MANUAL-OF-SHARED-ATTENT…

Our courses and Manuals, solidarity and free of charge, are oriented to the personal and social health of the people. On the one hand, they are an invitation to take responsibility for one’s own health while maintaining the intended attention.

And please, if you agree with this purpose, publicize and promote this proposal so thatmore and more people in the world take responsibility for their own health and the health of all.

Esteban Rojas

Association for the Development of Health through Attention Nonprofit organization