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It is important to clarify that this project’s focus on attention to the present is as a mental hygiene resource. As a way to contribute to personal and social health. He does not seek transcendence or devotion. Attention is a resource provided by nature and everyone can freely assume it. In this case we focus on hygiene. And to spread this contribution, we look for a simple language that fits the sensations we experience bodily; a language oriented to action and experience.
We consider attention to the present, as a resource of mental hygiene, incorporated into the daily life of individuals, families, businesses, neighborhood communities, schools, health centers, administrations, public services and all scenarios of human life performance. We imagine the attention to the present as a resource of personal mental hygiene, treated with the same importance with which we claim daily to brush our teeth. We imagine the attention to the present, as a resource of social hygiene, treated with the same importance with which we claim respect as social conduct.
Personal support to assume attention to the present in our daily life is the intention; it is an attention that arises, without forcing, from the responsibility with life. And it is, because from it derives our calm. The one who affects us personally and through us, the others.
This manual does not focus on exposing thoughts, considerations, reflections, or theories about attention to the present. It focuses on the importance of “attention to the present”, which is its practice. No knowledge about attention to oneself is more important than its practice. Accordingly, this manual focuses on proposing exercises to practice “attention to the present”.
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Our courses, solidarity and free of charge, are oriented to the personal and social health of the people. On the one hand, they are an invitation to take responsibility for one’s own health while maintaining intentional attention on oneself, and on the other hand, they are a contribution to our research project on the benefits of living attentively to the present, which is nourished by the answers to a brief test that is requested from all participants at the beginning and end of each course. 
And please, if you agree with this purpose, publicize and promote this proposal so that more and more people in the world take responsibility for their own health and the health of all.
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