Every step that we take in life brings its own teachings and there is no better education than that which arises from our experiences.

Remarks by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile

Life is this, life is that, it’s here, it’s there, etc.

The number of qualifiers that we tend to use for life is incredible. To qualify our life, we usually use whatever vocabulary strikes us, according to how we feel: adjectives, nouns, pronouns, etc. It turns out that what we frequently qualify in our conversations, we find repeatedly in our environment. And life is everything for us; we are nothing without it. It is what we are. Our error about what we believe we are, or perhaps distraction about what we are, makes us qualify it very lightly.

It’s impossible to separate life from whatever we need to mention. We are what we have lived, I am what I live, and it will be this way as long as I live. Every gesture, step, smile, tear, or word springs from what I am, from my life. Every perception received while I live has been registered and has affected my life in some way.

Life is the only opportunity we have to get to know the world, to know what we are, to generate more life. We can imagine whatever we like about the objective of life. But, whatever we imagine, it doesn’t change an ounce what life really is. Every step we take in life brings its own lesson. Every step you take teaches you how to live and preserve the life of all. The steps that you take without paying attention can easily go against life, one’s own or another’s. The marks left by these steps are permanent.

Be careful with your steps.