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Exercise: We are Martians!

Objective: To observe what we see as if it were for the first time, as if we were coming from another planet and did not know anything about Earth.

How to do it: After doing a breathing exercise. The guide tells the children that they are Martians who have just landed on Earth for the first time. They do not know anything about what is on Earth. The children must observe an object that the guide hands to each one.

Look at it, touch it, smell it as if seeing it for the first time. After a while. Each child must tell the Martians who are on the spaceship what they see. 

Exercise: Drawing what we see

Objective: Paying attention to what is seen.

How to do it: Each child is given an object. He looks at it with great attention trying to capture every detail. On a sheet of paper each child draws the object that he has observed. Each time that you he believes he has finished it, he is invited to look at it again to check whether there are any more details that he has not noticed before. 

Exercise: Inspection

Objective: Paying attention to what is seen.

How to do it: The children, face to face, in two rows, observe each other paying attention to dress, hairstyle, shoes, etc. in silence. At a signal they turn their backs on each other and change two or three details in their outfit (undo their ties, a shoe, etc.).

Afterwards they all observe each other again and the educator questions each player about the changes in his partner’s outfit.

Exercise: Exchanging objects 

Objective: Maintain observation. Detect changes in the quantity or position of objects. 

Material: Various miscellaneous objects and a cloth to cover them all.

How to do it: Arrange 5 or 6 objects on a table or tray and present them to the children, covered by the cloth. Give them a few seconds to take a look. Cover them. Without letting the children see, take away, add or change the position of some of the objects. The pupils should say what the change was. Do this several times.