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so that you may continue to inquire about yourself and the benefits of the practice of Attention to the Present.

so that you may continue to inquire about yourself and the benefits of the practice of Attention to the Present.


Learning to live attentive and conscious of ourselves is a necessary condition to free ourselves from our harmful mental patterns and to live a life of greater inner peace for the benefit of all.

This practical Manual, with the help of a series of exercises, will help us to become more aware of our contradictions, conflicts and motivations.

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“Attention to the present is an intentional focus of attention, which allows us to observe, without effort or evaluation, our bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts and external phenomena, while we are living them.


The care and accompaniment of people who are going through critical moments in their illnesses or are approaching the end of their lives is a sublime task, full of meaning and meaning. It is an action that does not require special personal qualities.


Living attentive to the present, intentionally, is like taking a “daily health pill”, for our body, our thoughts, our emotions and our relationships.


This guide, which is complementary to the Manual of Exercises for Attending to the Present, does not stop at exposing thoughts, considerations, reflections or theories about attention to the present or cognitive impairment. The guide focuses on the importance of “attention to the present,” which is its practice. No knowledge about self-attention is more important than practice.

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