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Let us turn to a dictionary:

Definition of honesty

Honesty is a value or quality that some humans develop to a greater or lesser degree, as a result of a healthy psychological state.  Honesty requires various related qualities, like responsibility, truthfulness, dignity and morality.  If we looked for a synonym of honesty perhaps the best term would be rectitude.Etymology of honesty.

The term comes from the Latin “honestias,” which means “dignity”, “honour” and a kind of esteem or consideration (in the sense of excellence and rectitude as a person) that a human being has.

I want to highlight one detail of the definition.  It says that honesty is a quality that develops.  That is, we are not necessarily born with it, we learn it from others who teach us, or we deliberately decide to cultivate that quality in ourselves.  This makes it clear that the development of a quality depends to a great extent on our decisions and our responsibility.

I would also stress the issue of veracity.  Not because we have been told that it is wrong to tell lies.  What I value more highly is the determination not to lie to yourself, the desire to deal with events with humour, even if we do not come out of them very well.  In that way it is not a problem to acknowledge that I made a mistake; that my idea was not that good; that what I believe was not well-founded or that somebody else had done something better than I had.

With honesty we do not try to conceal our faults, we do not deceive ourselves with interpretations that favour us and, as a result, we manage to learn from our experiences without fear.  By not concealing, disguising or lying, there is nothing that weighs on you, and you also become valued by others.

How do you regard yourself as far as honesty is concerned?  Do you cultivate it easily or is it difficult for you to do?  If it is difficult, observe why.  Do not be afraid to see things as they are.  Practise honesty within you: this is the only way that you will grow in every sense.