How could You convey to another how He can feel that He is where He is?

Contributed by Isabel Hernández Negrin from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

It’s simple.

I’ll suggest you something to try for yourself. Direct your attention to whatever there is at the moment. And what is there at the moment?

There are the emotions that a situation provokes in you, the thoughts that are created in it or around it, the physical tensions that arise, all that happens outside of you.

All this is created in every moment that you live, even if you are not paying attention to them. Now, try to feel something simple, like the movement of your breath, for a few seconds.

Do not imagine nor think about it. Just direct your attention to what you feel. Do it. I shall wait for you!

Now you are reading. Well then, read, without losing the sensation of your body. Read each word without haste. Put all your attention on it. Do it now.

Take a paper and something to write. You are going to write slowly as if you were a child who puts all his attention on every small movement of the pencil, enjoying what you do.

Write the following: I AM PRESENT AS I WRITE. Do it.

Perhaps, this suggestion makes you think: “what nonsense”.

Well, that is a thought, which you can observe and which is a part of the moment.

Perhaps you are experiencing impatience or distrust.

These are emotions and are also a part of what happens at the moment. You may have felt calm or curious and have also become a part of what has happened in this moment.

Did you manage to do what I suggested you to?

If you have been able to do it, even if you have had a little distraction, you may have realized what it means to “be where you are” or to be in what you are doing.

When, after reading this, you get moving, if possible, do some of your chores a bit slowly: put the key in the lock, turn the tap off, take a shower… and try to be where you are.

Try to do it regularly. I’m sure you’ll notice a difference that will play out in your favor.