How do I assume #responsibility for my own health?

#Mind-body, a powerful couple

Comment by Jose Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile

Even though the universe is old, life is just beginning. Human beings have succeeded in being formed by a very powerful couple: body and mind. They are a couple for life. Supposedly, the ability to live to feel and think is a combination that has a purpose, as everything that nature does with its creations.

I have seen something I never thought I would see or if I saw something similar, I interpreted it in another way: a little dog who cried as we do when a couple of girls rescued her and her puppies to protect and feed them. Body and feelings work together even in species less developed than us. On the other hand, we know that physical diseases come, almost without exception, from persistently negative states of mind. I saw a friend die from a severe cancer that appeared and developed in him because he felt guilty about the suicide one of his daughters, and his compulsive thoughts about the issue burdened him.

Our abilities to feel and think cannot have a destructive purpose. Nature does not act in that way. Our bodies and minds are intimately related and they communicate in a marvelous way. While observing our little brothers and sisters we can see that, within the same species, the few attacks between individuals are always due to natural, instinctual physiological needs. And between species, it is due to the need to feed, or for territory, to survive. There is no hate or fear. Love is the feeling that protects life and a community of beings that do not know about fragmentation or separation.

Our capability to think has generated fear, instead of unrestricted love in humankind, when the separation is unknown. It is a fact that our species has erred in our journey. It’s easily proved in the wars, the deaths, the accumulated weapons that can decimate life if a poisoned mind manipulates them, the hate, the differences, the corrupt power in all areas, etc. We even have abandoned our responsibility to care about our own health.

Taking an interest, observing and paying attention to ourselves is the sure way to harmony and the responsibility to our own lives.